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Your reliable Man And A Van Service is available to business with more to offer. Yes, we adhere to social distancing and other health practices including wearing of glovesand face mask.

We are based in London and provide services you can trust with our competent Man And A Van company. For van hire in London, our services are unparalleled due to our devotion to providing an honest, money-value, and brilliant style of delivery. Our success over the years reflects on the happy customer base we have maintained all these years.

Did you know that we are in full operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year? Yes, we provide van hire services for several customers with a fleet of luxurious vans to give you that professional Man And A Van service you deserve.

Give us a call on 020 71834051 or book our services online for a fast, competent, and genuinely amazing man and a van service you'll love.

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Man And A Van Service London

Here at Man And A Van, we combine a plethora of excellent work ethics, including competence, affordability, and expertise to provide services that are truly worth the money. Why stress yourself with moving when we can help you get through it?

Since we are one company that puts a lot of energy into our work, our customers always have a lot to say about our unique service quality.To some of our existing customers, our reliability is what has kept them patronising us all these years. Others believe in our expertise, attention to details, and affordability, which is why they've continued to use our services. Different customers may have different positive views, but we are the same company providing all of these benefits to our customers. We have grown in business since we started, thanks to our devotion and passion to customer satisfaction!

So, if you are considering a man and van hire without stress or insecurity when moving, give us a try at Man And A Van. We will handle everything and save you the stress of moving, storage, packing, and unpacking.

Man and a Van London expert doing packing and removal job

With our years of experience on the job, Man And A Van provides bespoke and reliable packing and removal services which have stood the test of time. We pride in our ability to offer excellent services to our London customers unparalleled by any other van company. Our vans are beautiful and fully functional with our logo proudly crested on them. Every week, we move a minimum of 30 homes and offices, and we can move yours too.

Amid the numerous removal companies in London, choosing a reliable company may not be easy. But you can be sure of exceptional and affordable service with maximum property safety and security with Man And A Van. You can trust us for services that guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. Our online booking and payment are secure.

Keep reading to know more about our professional services.

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We are flexible– Man and a Van London We are flexible

At Man And A Van, we provide an extensive service that covers moving, delivery, and storage. Our customers' needs are met as we pay close attention to details, without compromising safety standards of moving. So, kindly contact us if you are looking for a service that is not on our list; we're all about flexibility in service.

We are professionals – Man and a Van London We are professionals

Man And A Van is a highly efficient company that thrives on the application of experience, skills, and knowledge. From packing, removal, to driving, we have the right men for the job. Our staff are professionals committed to giving you a hassle-free service anytime.

We are route-wise– Man and Van London We are route-wise

Our drivers have an in-depth knowledge of the local routes around London. So, wherever you may be, our driver can get to you as soon as possible.

respond on time – Man and Van London We respond on time

From our experience, we do understand that some persons cannot move on a working day, which is why we provide a 7-days in a week service that is convenient for all customers, including emergency services. Be it an overnight move or removal to a distant place, contact any member of our team, and we will arrange for your move.

We are affordable We are affordable

If there is anything that affects moving, the cost is a major factor. But don't worry, as we plan our charges to suit individual condition. This is to enable you to afford our service. There are no hidden charges at Man And A Van; what you see is what you pay for, the price system is clear. Should you choose to pay with a credit card, we accept these payments upon completion of your move.

We provide insurance – Man and Van London We provide insurance

With our public liability and goods-in-transit insurance policy, you've got nothing to lose if things go wrong, which rarely happens anyway. But for peace of mind, we do cover our customers fully even as we strive to provide a hassle-free service.

What Kind of Services do Man and A Van London Provide?

  • Man and a Van Service

    Man and a Van Service

    In London, we provide a cost-effective, convenient, and detailed removal service for your homes and offices anytime you give us a call.

  • House removal experts London

    House removal experts London

    We have met and surpassed our customers expectation in providing competent services that satisfy our customers' moving needs, be it commercial or domestic.

  • Commercial removal company London

    Commercial removal company London

    When it comes to office removals in London, you can rely on us as we provide excellent services at affordable rates to our customers.

  • Packers and movers London

    Packers and movers London

    We go beyond removal services to provide professional packing services with the best quality materials to ensure safety and security

Recent Google Reviews – Man and A Van London

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rating star icon LondonThe movers and packers supported us in every possible way with moving. They ensured my expensive belongings won’t get damaged in anyway when packing and unpacking them. Would definitely use them again. Thanks….:)

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rating star icon LondonAll the staffs are very helpful, efficient and professional. They packed my goods and unpacked them carefully at the new place. Though the move was complicated, everything went smoothly. I will surely recommend them to all.

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How Much Does Man And Van Services Cost in London?

For bookings earlier than 9:00am or later than 5:30pm, you may pay a little extra. This also applies to moving from stairs, at weekends, and mileage charge after the first 10 miles. It is important to know the price of getting man and van, even if the service is affordable, efficient, seamless, useful and readily available. Doing the packing yourself and hiring a van will be stressful, which is why we're here to help. As you continue reading, you will see our price range based on the number of men and vans needed.

Hiring a Van with Man London

Are you looking for a man and a van? Would you like to know how much the service costs? For small moving projects, a one-man-one-van is cost-effective. From moving a few furniture to moving out of a 2 bedroom flat, the price is relatively cheap for smaller moves. However, there are some factors to consider that influences the price of our man and a van. They include:

  • The distance of the journey
  • Number of items to be moved
  • Number of men needed for the job
  • Stairs to climb up/down
  • Postcodes
  • Extra services like packing in a card box

The price of hiring a man and van will vary slightly from company to company, but for you to have a basic knowledge of how much the service will cost, we have put together the average rate per hour of hiring a man and a van.

The average price of man and van hire in London is per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.

Type of van 1 - Man 2 - Men 3 - Men
Transit-Van (Average) £40 £55 £70
Luton-Van (Average) £50 £65 £80

For van services booked in advance, we sometimes provide a fixed price instead of an hourly rate. This method may be cheaper for you should you like to avoid possible delays and save yourself from spending extra half-hourly charges. There is always a minimum charge for man and van, and it's normally 2 hours, and with 3 men - 3 hours. This means you will have to pay for 2 hours at the least. The reason is that many expert movers in London cover the whole of London, which is a vast area. Moving homes and offices within M25 alone is about the same size as 3 other cities; it's really large.

The major reason most of London movers must charge a minimum time for each job is that London is congested and depending on the time of travel and other unforeseen circumstances, moving from one area to another, for instance, can take 2 hours on a bad day. Another thing is that we offer very competitive prices; the only means to carry out a viable business.

It is easy to get the right man and van at the right price. How? By sending a quote request. Once you do this, you'll get a lot of quotes from various men with van companies, including ours. With this, you can now compare and identify the company that provides exactly what you need.

Man and van hire South London form are free of charge, and you're under no obligation to accept our offer.

A 10% service charge applies to all man and van London removal bookings. Prices are acceptable for all London postcodes. For Central London postcodes, there is a congestion charge of £11.50 from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm and/or ULEZ charge of £12.50 every day of the week. Weekend surcharge of £5/hour or before or after working hours charge of £10/hour apply on top. You can contact us for a precise quote.

Large Removals services – Man and Van London

Large Removals

Despite all the numerous men with van companies in London, not all of them have the needed skill set to function effectively.

At Man And A Van, we have the right machinery and personnel to undertake large removals from companies, industries, and large organisations. Over the years, our man and van services have not been breached by bad quality or inexperience as we see to it that our vehicles, drivers, and men are well prepared for the job. Our customers have not been disappointed, and we are happy about that. For many years, we have been moving homes and offices at a competitive price.

If you need a very skilled man and van service in London, we are here to gladly help you avoid the hassle of dealing with an inefficient company or doing it yourself. Should you even need advice, we can offer that as well.

Top Moving Company in London

Whatever kind of moving you are planning, bear in mind that we provide bespoke man and van services anytime any day. If you are moving from a small space or a larger moving is needed, we will give you a free, non-obligatory job estimate.

We have highly trained movers that pay attention to details and are skilful in moving different types of materials, including specialist object moving like paintings or pianos for both small, medium, and large jobs.

For a small removal, you will be sent a man and a van. But for large moving, you'll get a team plus 2 to 6 men; it all depends on individual needs. We have taken our service further to include office relocation and furniture disposal. Don't be scared if you have a tight budget; we'll work with you to complete your move.

Whether it is a partial removal service like packing without unpacking, we put our best into it because no job is too small. We are passionate about what we do, which is why our customers are always happy to hire us.

Both existing and new customers are given the same treatment. We do not compromise our standards, and great care is taken when moving your home or office to avoid damage. At Man And A Van, we treat you like we treat ourselves!

Top Moving Company in London

Our Man and A Van Hire Work Process


We strive to provide a high-end modern man and van service that is unparalleled.


We put our best into every job knowing full well that our customers are watching, and getting new customers is based on reviews and recommendations.


For that safe moving that brings peace of mind, use Man And A Van service. Be it a small move for personal things, a large move involving family, or an office move, we have a team of experts that will move you seamlessly.

Our movers can handle all kinds of items expertly, including fragile ones. We provide packing, storage, and essentially all that London removals require.

Recent Google Reviews – Man and A Van London

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rating star icon LondonGreat service! All my goods were delivered to the new place with complete safety. The entire team of movers and packers are very friendly, helpful and sincere. Highly recommended!

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rating star icon LondonWe were moving home in London and called Man and Van after a friend told us how good they were. They got back to us very quickly and even juggled some things around to get us the dates we needed. I thought this was great service and great value too.

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