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Packing Services

Packing Services

Let's help you pack your belongings nicely before you move

Poor quality packing materials can mess up your packing. Don't let that happen when we can provide:

  • All the necessary packing materials
  • Packing and removal with full insurance
  • Options for same day packing and removal
  • Fine covers for easily damaged and antique items
  • Partial packing priced per box

Simple steps to get your pro packers

  • Book your home or office packing service online or over the phone
  • Have quality packing and removal supplies delivered to you
  • Get to meet the professional packers and movers and allow them to do your packing
  • Key into our fully insured loading, transportation, and unloading services

How to plan your packing service

Free job quote

Let us know your needs by contacting us anytime, and we will provide you with a zero-cost, no-obligation quote. We have packing packages, like moving supplies delivery and packing assistance. Feel free to book any of these packages separately or in combination with any of our removal service options. If you need a hand with packing easily damaged items, we can pack them in a box under our partial packing service. Note that the price is on per box basis, and will be summed up in your final quote.

We may request that you do a video survey with a member of our team to help us estimate the cost of packing. This is a quick and easy method.

Packing supplies promptly delivered

We provide same-day delivery of moving boxes and all the packing materials or have them delivered a few days to your move, depending on the scale of the packing job. Ensure that you've secured a valid parking space beforehand. We stock a variety of high-quality removal cardboard boxes of various sizes and strong wrapping materials. On-demand garment carriers that can accommodate about 30 hangers are available. It's our advice that you make arrangements for extra packing supplies so you don't run short of packing materials, even if you may end up not using them. So what happens to unused moving boxes? You don't have to pay for any packaging you did not use. The packers will gather up all unused packaging when the job is completed.

Experienced packers

When you are ready to move, the skilled packers will arrive on time and fully prepared to help you pack. The moving boxes will be assembled, and every item will be wrapped carefully. When a box gets filled up, they will secure it with vinyl tape and put a label on it. Bubble wrap will be used to cover easy-to-break items, and if required, they will be placed in wooden crates. All your soft furniture will be covered with plastic sheets to avoid damage. Also, bear in mind that there is an insurance cover for your belongings during transportation.

Moving assistance

Your items and belongings will be safely loaded into the vans by the skilled packers. For added protection, ropes will be used, and moving blankets will envelop furniture to prevent any form of damage. The drivers will employ their GPS system during transit to get your stuff delivered through an optimal route. When they get to your new address, your stuff will be carefully unloaded and moved into the right rooms to complete the packing and moving process. If you need a hand with unpacking your belongings, we can help you with that.

Fringe benefits of our packing service

  • Jolly packing - We can make packing and unpacking pleasant for you. Why not save yourself the stress of handling this tiresome work by handing it over to our able hands. We will happily assist you. Feel free to give us your specifications, and we will do exactly as instructed. Want to know how much packing boxes our removal vans can carry? Contact us.
  • Convenient supplies for removals - Like we said before, for extra protection of your stuff, we employ only high-quality and pollution-free cardboard boxes of varying sizes and other green packing materials. We will get you all the essential packing materials like wrapping paper, vinyl tape, bubble wrap, and clear film wrap complete with moving boxes.
  • Hassle-free unpacking - Having your stuff packed and clearly labelled can make unpacking enjoyable. If you don't have the time or energy to unpack, we are here to provide an excellent solution to your packing needs
  • Easy booking - Feel free to book your home removals with us at anytime. We are always available 24/7, providing same-day or next-day moving services as much as possible. Get to know our prices and book a day for your move, be it on holiday or even a weekend

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rating star icon LondonGreat service! All my goods were delivered to the new place with complete safety. The entire team of movers and packers are very friendly, helpful and sincere. Highly recommended!

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Ryan Egan


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rating star icon LondonThanks to the entire team. I am really satisfied with their quality and on time services. They have done the best move possible for my home shift. I would hire them again when I plan to move in future.

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Margaret Elliott


All-round packing you can trust

The packing process

We at Man and A Van London will not compromise the safety of your belongings by using substandard packing materials. You can be sure that your stuff will arrive safely at your new location once they've been loaded. If any of your items get damaged due to poor packing by the movers, compensation will be paid to the customer. In addition, you can arrange items according to the room they belong to. This will make packing easier and faster.

Overseas removals

Are you planning an overseas relocation? Hey, we provide full removal services for people moving to other countries. Our pro packers will supply all the essential removal boxes and packing materials, help you pack all your stuff and label them correctly before loading. This is done to avoid issues with customs and prevent any risk of damage to your belongings during the journey. We also provide storage of items for a long or short time should you prefer to keep certain stuff around your old location. Also, get all your essential items packed in a bag you can carry during the relocation. Ensure to pack important things like documents or medications you need.

Commercial packing

We offer time-efficient office relocation, be it an internal office move or full office removal. Our approach is focused on allowing you to concentrate on your business while we do the packing in the background. Besides, you wouldn't like your staff to pack your office items when they should be focusing on growing your business.

But if you let your staff pack, your overall packing cost will inflate eventually. Do you know that our regular commercial clients are offered removal services at special rates? Take advantage of this offer now. In addition, make sure you declutter your belongings; pack only what is important and trash, sell or give out things you do not need.

Packing art items

It is a complex and technical job to pack and move art items from one place to another. But we have the experience and skills to pack all kinds of arts, including fragile and antique items. We will take special care to move your expensive oil painting, antique rug, or any other precious work of art.

Be rest assured that all your art valuables will be carefully packed and labelled, with full insurance cover during transportation. In addition, ensure you do a good estimate on the number of moving boxes you'll require. Getting less than required can set back the move by a day or two. So, when ordering for moving boxes, get more than you need. The movers and packers will take care of any leftover boxes.

Full services

Wrapping your stuff and putting them into boxes is just one aspect of removal. There are other small jobs that need to be done to complete the task of moving, which is why we bring the whole package for a smooth move, including removals and storage services. Hey, we can even get a skilled handyman to fix any damage done to the property during the course of your tenancy.

Recent Google Reviews

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rating star icon LondonThe movers and packers supported us in every possible way with moving. They ensured my expensive belongings won’t get damaged in anyway when packing and unpacking them. Would definitely use them again. Thanks….:)

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Emily Jessica


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rating star icon LondonAll the staffs are very helpful, efficient and professional. They packed my goods and unpacked them carefully at the new place. Though the move was complicated, everything went smoothly. I will surely recommend them to all.

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Heidi Walker



Can I pack up my stuff using my own boxes and packaging materials?

The choice is yours to make. Good packing involves quality and eco-friendly packing materials and strong sealing which our service provides. Note that we won't be held accountable if your item gets damaged from poor packing done by you.

Is your packing service insured?

Yes. We offer a full insurance cover for loading, transportation, and unloading if we're handling the packing for you. The insurance takes care of moving costs in case your stuff gets damaged. For removal, there is a standard Goods in Transit Insurance cover up to £25000. If you inform us beforehand, higher insurance can be arranged.

How much time will the packing take before moving day?

The size of your property will determine this. Packing and loading can be done on the same day for small moves and overnight relocation. But we would prefer to have ample time to plan and execute your packing, including handling unforeseen circumstances while preparing for your big move.

Can you pack and move valuables?

Pro packers and movers have the finesse and experience in packing art items and antiques. It's recommended that you notify us beforehand if you have special items that need careful handling.

I have furniture, can you assemble them and unpack?

Sure. This is not a problem. It is part of our removals service

Do I need to book the packing service together with packing materials and removal boxes?

Should you hire our packing services, we will add the moving boxes delivery to your quote. But you can order your removal boxes delivery with us now and book your packing service later. There's no problem with that.

Can I trash the packing materials after unpacking?

Of course, you can. We provide waste disposal at a fee.

Can you help me pack my belongings, but with my own van?

Absolutely. We can provide just the packing service and removal supplies if that's what you prefer.

Can you plug in all my appliances as I move in?

If you want us to, we can do it, but you will have to sign a dangerous waiver form first.

Do you connect all appliances?

No. We are unable to connect appliances that use gas, and hardwired ovens or hobs.