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House Removals

House Removals London

house removals and packaging in london

Moving house can be a very stressful time for everyone involved and when it comes to choosing the right company for a house removal in London, it can be tough to know where to look. At Man and a Van London we can ease the strain and we get your moved without the drama.

Man and a Van London, values all our clients and customers. We always take the time to assess everything about your move, with great care. We will begin the removal process only when we are satisfied that we have a plan of operation for you, down to making sure that the things you need first are loaded last.

Good removals relies on experience and we have a wealth of that. We can undertake any size of move from that first move to a bedsit from home, to that upsize to a mansion in the country!

Don't stress yourself with our high-powered support during a house move. We provide:

  • Complete Public Liability Insurance
  • Safety of your belongings
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture (if needed)
  • Free surveys for properties having more than 3 bedrooms
  • Insured packing service

Easy steps to get house removals:

  • Book your home removals over the phone or request for a quote online
  • You'll receive a free quote from us in 48 hours
  • Arrange for a parking space before our team arrives
  • Standby and let us help you settle in
house removals and packaging london

Procedure for getting your house removal

The booking process

A house removal service can be arranged over the phone or by filling the form online. You may have to provide us with certain information like the type of property you have (a house or a flat), the number of rooms, the floor it is on, and more. We will use these to prepare you a free, no-obligation quote before booking your removal.

Should you own a property that's large and contains more than 3 bedrooms, we will arrange a free preliminary viewing before providing you with a job quote. You can even get our video survey option to save time and make the home removal process faster.

The preparation process

You need to provide a parking space that is close to your property for your house movers. Should your professional movers need to park in a Pay & Display parking space, the charge will be added to your final price. If for instance, you've already packed and labelled all your belongings correctly, the loading process will start at once.

The house movers will gladly disassemble any large piece of furniture, wrap them in blankets, and load them safely into the van, free of charge! Ensure that boxes shouldn't weigh more than 20kg. Should you need packing assistance (including the delivery of packing materials), simply state it when you're booking.

Transporting your items

Man and A Van will have your belongings delivered to your new home using the best route possible. We even use GPS technology when driving to make the most out of our delivery.

Note that we won't be held responsible if your items get damaged from any wrong packing you did, which is why we recommend that you hire our professional home removal service plus packing solutions. Man and A Van packing service provide transportation insurance for your belongings. Kindly bear in mind that we won't be able to transport your pets or any potentially dangerous item.

Your new address

Not only would we require a parking space close to your new house, but we would also need you or anyone you trust to guide the house movers on how to unload your belongings. The removalists will proceed to unload with care all your boxes and furniture into the appropriate rooms.

Do you need help with unpacking? We can lend a helping hand with this service. Our expert movers can assemble any pieces of furniture disassembled before loading.

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rating star icon LondonGreat service! All my goods were delivered to the new place with complete safety. The entire team of movers and packers are very friendly, helpful and sincere. Highly recommended!

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Ryan Egan


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rating star icon LondonThanks to the entire team. I am really satisfied with their quality and on time services. They have done the best move possible for my home shift. I would hire them again when I plan to move in future.

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Margaret Elliott


Why choose us?

Guaranteed safety and insurance during removal

In addition to our Public Liability Insurance, we provide you with a house removal service laced with complete safety! With Man and A Van handling your removal, you're looking at getting a fast, valuable, and solution-oriented removal service rendered by the best hands in the industry. We have highly trained personnel that will handle your belongings with utmost care.

Transportation quality

What is more important than transferring your belongings in a clean and secured van? Man and A Van provides modern and fully fitted removal vehicles with tail lifts for safe and efficient loading. We have Transit and Luton vans which are always serviced and safe for transporting your belongings. Want to know how much load our vans can carry?Contact us today.

Functional home removal service

We provide a moving service replete with all the essentials of a home removal company. Do we have packing materials? Yes, we provide standard packing materials plus dismantling of furniture before loading. Need a thorough cleaning for the property after removals? We are here to give you a hand. Storage service be it long-term or short-term can be arranged for your personal items.

Video survey

If you have a big house, we can do a video survey. All you need to do is get a member of our team on a conference call using your smartphone or tablet. Walk around your property, show them what you want to move, and they will take note of them. With this, you will be provided with a precise job quote.

Useful pre-removal tips

  • Declutter before the moving day - Filter your belongings and discard things you don't need before the removal begins. The benefit is a reduction in the overall cost of your move, and a speed-up of the entire process of removal. We can provide you with more clues on pre-removal preparation. In addition, you can wrap your items in a bubble wrap or stretch foil to protect them from scratches and damages before the removal process.
  • Be parking ready - Get a parking space close to your property to reduce the cost of transferring your belongings onto the van. In addition, note down all the important stuff you will need during the relocation process and pack them into a bag you'll carry. We advise that you do this few hours prior to moving.
  • Post-removal cleaning - It will make more sense to give your old house a thorough cleaning before leaving. Besides, your security deposit is at stake, so get this issue settled with our superb post-removal cleaning service.
  • At your new home - Start unpacking your belongings once the removalists have finished transferring your load. Begin with important items and leave the less important ones for the next day. We will happily help you should you need a hand for unpacking your furniture and belongings. In addition, have a clear unpacking plan by starting with the smaller space before moving to the bigger space. You will save your energy and time if you do so.
  • Bespoke home removal solution - We bring all the best in house removal to your doorstep. Our service covers a video survey of your property to calculate the cost of your move (if it's a big property). We also provide packing services. Should you decide to pack yourself, we can send you quality packing materials. Also, we can dismantle some of your furniture for easy removal.

What's more? We offer a complete End of Tenancy cleaning service that ensures your security deposit is returned. You can even get a short, long-term, or student storage service at Man and A Van. Our expert movers will securely load and transfer your belongings to a safe facility and keep them there till you're ready to move into your new space.

Recent Google Reviews

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rating star icon LondonThe movers and packers supported us in every possible way with moving. They ensured my expensive belongings won’t get damaged in anyway when packing and unpacking them. Would definitely use them again. Thanks….:)

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Emily Jessica


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rating star icon LondonAll the staffs are very helpful, efficient and professional. They packed my goods and unpacked them carefully at the new place. Though the move was complicated, everything went smoothly. I will surely recommend them to all.

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Heidi Walker



Will I be charged for postponing a fixed removal appointment?

No. You won't have to pay for anything. If you know you won't be available for your move, simply give us a 48 hours notice in advance, and we will reschedule your removals to another convenient date, free of charge.

Are your removals insured?

Absolutely! Every removal company has a working Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances.

Do you move everything?

No. We make exceptions to moving things like animals, perishables, stolen goods, firearms, explosives, drugs, and any other hazardous goods.

I'm doing the packing myself, but I've got large pieces of furniture, can you help with that?

Yes. We have modern and fully equipped vans with tail lifts for easy loading and unloading. Besides, we can disassemble any big piece of furniture you might have.

Do you provide partial home removals?

Sure. If you want to relocate some items like furniture or personal belongings to a different part of town, we can handle that. Our Man and A Van service cover small home moves

What do I do if I need to vacate my home, but it will take a few days before my new place becomes available?

With our moving and storage services, you are completely covered. To know more, contact our friendly customer care representative

When and how do I pay for your service?

You can pay immediately you book or anytime before the service starts, using your credit card.

How is the price for full house removal service calculated?

We charge hourly rates for moving home services. But different things influence what we charge per hour. Things like the number of men needed for the job, the size, type, and floor of the house, the type of vehicle to be used, the time and date for the move, and more. All of these add up to generate the overall price for moving.